Artists Village, Inc. is a NYC based 501 (c) (3) tax exempt not-for-profit organization dedicated to building self-sufficient communities in the rural areas of Haiti.  Artists Village seeks to engage in building hurricane and earthquake proof homes, providing portable water, stocking medical clinics and hospitals with medicines and medical supplies, building of vocational schools, cultural centers, and playgrounds thus enhance the quality of life of the many facets of these communities.  In addition to equipping villages with all the necessary amenities of a modern day community, Artists Village has very strong interest in promoting economic development by implementing agricultural projects.

Birth of Artists Village: Devastation & Extreme Poverty

In 2004 after major floods devastated the town of Gonaives, followed by mudslides that destroyed the humble towns of Mapou and Fond Verrettes, Haiti, in the hopes of simply helping those in need after these natural disasters, a college student and her single working mom founded Artists Village, Inc.

A simple dream between a mother and daughter became their vision and this vision became a life long mission. Today this mission is a reality.

Board of Directors                                                         Advisory Board

Ronide Cayo, Founder/ President                              Mayor Evers

Darnide Cayo, Co-founder                                         Mayor R. Bloomberg

Leon Dimanche                                                          Dr. Gregg

Dickson Bertrand                                                       Pastor ?

Eddie Bonadventure

Fritz Monfleury