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Artists Village, Inc.

1407 Ave Z  PMB 265

Brooklyn, NY 11235

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Haiti Needs Your Help!

We need to help provide immediate sustainable shelter for those left without homes. A few dollars may seem like nothing, but slowly and together by partnering with Artists Village, we can not only build homes, but truly embrace those in dire need of our help.

Donation Wish list such as but not limited to:

School Supplies, Heavy Machinery & Equipments

Tractors, Trucks, Agricultural Equipment

Construction Workers, Building materials

100% of your donation will go towards relief efforts

Comprised of a group of students and professionals who purely seek to help make a difference, unlike other homogenized organizations that take a very large portion of your generous donation(s) for administrative fees and overhead cost, Artists Village, Inc. maximizes your donation(s) to its fullest capacity.

We understand that in today’s economy, many still want to help but are financially limited. For this reason, we make it our objective to put your donation to work.