Finally Artists Village provides emergency relief to victims of natural disasters in impoverished communities throughout Haiti. Our ultimate goal is to create employment opportunities while improving the quality of life in the rural areas one village at a time. On a national scale, Artists Village seeks to help various underdeveloped rural communities throughout the country one town at a time.


Hopefully, such a concept (“Artists Village”) can be adopted and model by many NGO,s throughout Haiti and other underdeveloped countries around the world.


Birth of Artists Village: Devastation & Extreme Poverty

In 2004 after major floods devastated the town of Gonaives, followed by mudslides that destroyed the humble towns of Mapou and Fond Verrettes, Haiti, in the hopes of simply helping those in need after these natural disasters, a college student and her single working mom founded Artists Village, Inc.

A simple dream between a mother and daughter became their vision and this vision became a life long mission. Today this mission is a reality.


Our Projects

  • Sanitation / Environment
  • Agricultural project
  • Housing project
  • School Project
  • Soccer tournaments
  • Energy project

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